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Emergency Certificate aims to provide hospitals with a single protocol to be used in the event of an emergency in patients with Dravet Syndrome.

A web application has been created that gives the possibility to download the pdf file (not  more editable) or word (still editable) completed online.

The certificate can be completed online (by the doctor) and then downloaded in pdf format to send it to families (the file is only a list of contents that will be graphically set to contain the spaces).

The certificate is currently prepared in two languages (English and  Italian) but will be translated into the various European languages.

The project was coordinated by Isabella Brambilla and Professor Rima Nabbout and also approved by the SAB of the European Federation on Dravet Syndrome - DSEF (Prof. Cross, Prof. Dalla Bernardina, Prof. Guerrini, Prof. Lagae, Prof. Nabbout, Dr Gil-Nagel Rein, Dr. Mingorance) and by the BoD of the DSEF (Myra De Groot, Renate Heusser, Simona Borroni, Isabella Brambilla, Galia Wilson).

The doctor can use this link:


Recognized as legal personality with provision of the Regional Council of Veneto dated 09.12.2015 n ° 815.

Agreement with the AOUI of Verona Prot. 1306 of 12/01/2021. Approved with Resolution no. 1392 of 12/30/2020

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