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The quality of sleep has been the subject of specific research in the scientific literature, with particular reference to scales that are easy to administer to the caregiver and that demonstrate good reliability and sensitivity. 

On the basis of the literature review, specific areas of investigation have been identified regarding falling asleep and the development of sleep that can provide useful information on the quality of night rest of the subjects under study.


Our project aims to record the sleep of patients suffering from Dravet Syndrome for 7 days, in particular quantity and quality, with a device with actigraphic recording, based on a validated and certified algorithm.


The project, in the pilot phase, involves circarine analysis, downscaling and analysis of the tests submitted to the caregivers of 30 patients, dividing them into groups with homogeneous ages in order to provide scientific evidence on the type of sleep of the patients under study.


Recognized as legal personality with provision of the Regional Council of Veneto dated 09.12.2015 n ° 815.

Agreement with the AOUI of Verona Prot. 1306 of 12/01/2021. Approved with Resolution no. 1392 of 12/30/2020

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