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Narrative Medicine, a clinical assistance methodology based on a specific communicative competence as repeatedly sanctioned by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, represents a phenomenon with interesting sociological peculiarities.  

The narrative is the tool to reconnect not only different knowledge, experts and not, but also to build a common story capable of erecting a bridge between collective and subjective representations of illness. Both the changes that have occurred in the organizational sphere of the health system and the new horizons and narrative practices that deal with the digital society are examined.

The narrative starts from the patient and his story, aimed at presenting the power of the narrative and making it perceptible how necessary it is not to lose sight of the richness, both in clinical and epistemological terms, of subjective experience.

Dravet Italia Onlus designs a narrative medicine written by several hands to give a complete vision of how one can live with the disease, finding targeted strategies for the best possible quality of life.

The parallel record from which we were inspired is a tool, developed at Columbia University by Dr. Rita Caron, which encourages healthcare professionals to write in a non-technical language the patient's experience and their own experiences with respect to the care experience.


Recognized as legal personality with provision of the Regional Council of Veneto dated 09.12.2015 n ° 815.

Agreement with the AOUI of Verona Prot. 1306 of 12/01/2021. Approved with Resolution no. 1392 of 12/30/2020

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